What We Believe

As members of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod we believe God’s Word, as we find it in the Bible, to be inspired by God Himself and without error.   In the Bible, God reveals His plan for the salvation of mankind (Gospel) and also His expectations for us as His people (Law).

We believe that God created us and all things.  Even though God’s original plan was for all people to be His children and live with Him in eternal happiness, mankind chose instead to rebel against God, to determine his own ways, and solve his own problems.  As a result, children today are born into a world of trouble, pain, and death.  While all people, including children, bear the guilt of their fallen condition, God in His mercy provided a solution to mankind’s dilemma.  That solution is found in the atoning work of Jesus Christ who took the punishment of all people’s sins upon Himself and died on a cross (the wages of sin is death - Romans 6:23a).  Then, He rose from His burial tomb, demonstrating victory over all sin and death.  Today, He promises that same victory to all who would simply put their trust in Him and His solution (the free gift of God is eternal life - Romans 6:23 b).  God calls people into a relationship with Him through His Holy Spirit.  God’s Spirit is responsible for keeping us in the faith as well as leading and enlightening us by means of His Holy Word.

We believe that God’s Law (what He expects) serves the purpose of identifying sin in our lives and shows us what God would identify as good works for our life in Christ.  The Law commands good works of thought, word, and deed.  It also condemns and punishes sin.  We believe the Gospel is the good news of our salvation in Jesus Christ.  Through the Gospel (what God does for us) God gives forgiveness, faith, life, and the power to please Him with good works.   We believe the Law shows man his sinful condition and his hopeless state before God.  Once man recognizes his condition he is ready for the Gospel which is the power of God to change lives and rescue man from his sinful condition.  Then having received by faith His Gospel message, it is our joyful response to live our lives for Him.