Grace Lutheran Church and School

Proclaiming. Connecting. Growing.

Our Mission
Jesus commands, "...go and make disciples...baptizing...[and] teaching..."  Matthew 28:19
We commit to: Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, Nurture Faith, Reach out with the love of Christ, Provide Christian Fellowship

Our Passion
Grace Lutheran Church & School is committed to the growth of the Lord's kingdom by developing confident, caring disciples in Jesus Christ and engaging all God's people at Grace in Grace Connections:

People to Christ…through focus on the Word in dynamic, joyful worship of our Lord and in thorough Christian education
People to People…by strengthening the family of Grace through fellowship and compassionate service to others
People to Community…by embracing our community through intentional outreach and active support of human care needs
People to the World…by equipping all of God’s people at Grace to be effective witnesses of Christ while at home or away

Grace Lutheran School is a Great Place to Grow!



What We Believe

As members of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod we believe God’s Word, as we find it in the Bible, to be inspired by God Himself and without error.   In the Bible, God reveals His plan for the salvation of mankind (Gospel) and also His expectations for us as His people (Law).

With the universal Christian Church, Grace teaches and responds to the love of the Triune God: the Father, creator of all that exists; Jesus Christ, the Son, who became human to suffer and die for the sins of all people and to rise to life again in the ultimate victory over death and Satan; and the Holy Spirit, who creates and sustains faith through God’s Word and Sacraments. 

We believe that God created us and all things.  Even though God’s original plan was for all people to be His children and live with Him in eternal happiness, mankind chose instead to rebel against God, to determine his own ways, and solve his own problems.  As a result, children today are born into a world of trouble, pain, and death.  While all people, including children, bear the guilt of their fallen condition, God in His mercy provided a solution to mankind’s dilemma.  That solution is found in the atoning work of Jesus Christ who took the punishment of all people’s sins upon Himself and died on a cross (the wages of sin is death - Romans 6:23a).  Then, He rose from His burial tomb, demonstrating victory over all sin and death.  Today, He promises that same victory to all who would simply put their trust in Him and His solution (the free gift of God is eternal life - Romans 6:23 b).  God calls people into a relationship with Him through His Holy Spirit.  God’s Spirit is responsible for keeping us in the faith as well as leading and enlightening us by means of His Holy Word.

We believe that God’s Law (what He expects) serves the purpose of identifying sin in our lives and shows us what God would identify as good works for our life in Christ.  The Law commands good works of thought, word, and deed.  It also condemns and punishes sin.  We believe the Gospel is the good news of our salvation in Jesus Christ.  Through the Gospel (what God does for us) God gives forgiveness, faith, life, and the power to please Him with good works.   We believe the Law shows man his sinful condition and his hopeless state before God.  Once man recognizes his condition he is ready for the Gospel which is the power of God to change lives and rescue man from his sinful condition.  Then having received by faith His Gospel message, it is our joyful response to live our lives for Him.


We believe that the mission of the whole Christian Church is to share God's love and to properly equip His people for service.

We believe that the home is the basic unit of the Christian Church and that parents are to equip children to live and grow as people of God.  We also believe that through our school, the Christian congregation can assist parents in carrying out this task.  As a result the school does not take the place of the home but rather cooperates with the home.

We believe that the primary purpose of our school is to teach the Word of God through example and instruction.  Christian education calls for a commitment to Christ, practiced and experienced in thought, word, and deed.

We believe that those called to impart Christian education are committed to this ministry.  We encourage all parents and students to join with us in forming a Christian community working and living together, in love and forgiveness, at the foot of the cross.

We believe that Christian education encompasses the total life of the child including spiritual, social, academic, physical, and emotional needs.

We believe that our school provides an environment for Christ-centered instruction, imparted by teachers who love their Lord and Savior.

We believe that the proper use of the Word of God as it speaks to us in Law and Gospel is a primary step toward making Christian education properly Christian.  For more on the use of Law and Gospel, see separate article under “What We Believe.”

We believe that our school imparts quality education. All subjects are taught in the light of God's Word.  Our philosophy is determined by the theology of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.  See separate article under, “What We Believe.”

We believe that Christian education has an eternal effect. The assignment is great but the power of the Holy Spirit is greater.  We believe that the greatest power in heaven and on earth supports this mission.

We believe students learn best:

  • with an incremental approach that builds on a firm foundation of past knowledge and experience.
  • in an environment where it is safe to take a risk.
  • when teachers challenge students at their ability level and respect each child’s learning style.
  • from others as well as by discovery.
  • by active participation and through application of skills learned.
  • when a high level of accountability and responsibility are expected with regard to student work.




Grace Lutheran School will:

  • Assist students in realizing their relationship to God and, hence, their relationship to all others.
  • Teach and apply knowledge and basic skills; presenting all subject matter in the light of God's inerrant Word.
  • Teach students to live a sanctified life, glorifying God by using the many, varied talents He has given them.
  • Recognize and address the changing needs of the students.
  • Provide opportunities for interaction between the church, the school, and the community.
  • Strengthen families by forming partnerships with parents and providing them with a Christ-centered model for family living.
  • Teach students to be good stewards of God’s many gifts.
  • Equip students to share their Christian faith so others may know Christ as Savior; and to encourage and build up one another in the faith.