The Arts


Fine Arts

Grace Lutheran School provides a rich exposue in all grade levels to various forms of fine art including computer graphics, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, and painting. Grace students receive a extensive study of art history and experiment with numerous design techniques and mediums producing thier own original works. Techniques from the masters are studied and experimented with and students are encouraged to use thier own creativity to produce unique approaches to art. Grace Lutheran students compete in state sponsored art shows and present their works in our annual Grace Lutheran Open House Art Exhibitions. 







Music Program

Grace Lutheran has developed an exceptional music program including the Grace Handbells program, and highly regarded Band instruction at all grade levels. 

Grades K-3 introduces and learns basic concepts and use of bell chimes, the recorder, and other basic music instruments and devices.

Grade 4, Beginning band instruction is provided. Band is a required class in 4th grade. Band instruction and rehearsal are held during the school day. Students will choose, with the assistance of the band teacher, the most appropriate instrument from a provided list of, and the student is responsible to provide the chosen instrument. A list of rental and sales vendors is available from the band teacher.

Advanced band instruction is provided and students are eligible for Advanced band in grades 5-8. Advanced band is an optional class.

Students that opt out of band after 4th grade are instructed in music theory, vocal music, other fine arts, and the Bell/Chime choir. 11

Grades K-5 students participate in grade level choirs. Occasionally, the choirs provide choral music to enhance worship services at Grace. The choirs rehearse during school hours. Children are expected to participate in scheduled appearances, generally in Sunday morning services and special school events.