Grace Lutheran School follows a long tradition of quality Lutheran education striving to meet or exceed state and national academic standards at all grade levels. Lutheran schools commonly exceed state core standards due to the focus to develop a minimum of 30 developmental assets in children.

More than 1,200 early childhood centers and preschools are operated by congregations and Christian day schools within The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. More than 87,000 children, ranging in age from infant/toddler to 5 years of age, are involved in these programs. Additionally, our congregations operate more than 800 elementary schools which serve approximately 113,000 students. Almost 700 early childhood centers and elementary schools are accredited under the National Lutheran School Accreditation program.

A Christ-centered curriculum enables us to fulfill our objectives.  All education achieves its highest purpose only if its aim is service to God and all creation. The curriculum is prepared in accordance with the INTEGRATING THE FAITH curriculum for Lutheran  Schools and the Utah curriculum guidelines.  Curriculum materials are continuously evaluated to ensure that they meet these guidelines. Grade specific curricula are available upon request.

Grace Lutheran School is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Association. The school has successfully met the NLSA and AdvancEd accreditation standards and participated in a site visit by an accrediting team of professional educators.

These agencies endorse our program because they:

1. Foster excellence in elementary education.

2. Encourage school improvement through a process of continuous self-study and evaluation.

3. Assure a school and its public that the school has clearly defined and appropriate educational
 goals and objectives and established conditions under which their achievement can be
 reasonably accomplished.