Our Programs

Our students are involved with many activities, both in and out of the classroom, during the school year. Through classroom field trips, school visits  from children's authors and illustrators from around the country, full array of athletic and musical offerings, and learning about service organizations that our school supports through chapel offerings throughout the year, our students not only connect to one another and apply their learning to their community, but also realize the importance they have on the world we all live in. At Grace, we proclaim, connect and grow with one another and the community and world we live in.

Grace Lutheran School will assist students in realizing their relationship to God and, hence, their relationship to all others.

  • Teach and apply knowledge and basic skills; presenting all subject matter in the light of God's inerrant Word.
  • Teach students to live a sanctified life, glorifying God by using the many, varied talents He has given them.
  • Recognize and address the changing needs of the students.
  • Provide opportunities for interaction between the church, the school, and the community.
  • Strengthen families by forming partnerships with parents and providing them with a Christ-centered model for family living.
  • Teach students to be good stewards of God’s many gifts.
  • Equip students to share their Christian faith so others may know Christ as Savior; and to encourage and build up one another in the faith.