Grace Lutheran Church and School

Proclaiming. Connecting. Growing.

Our Mission
Jesus commands, "...go and make disciples...baptizing...[and] teaching..."  Matthew 28:19
We commit to: Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, Nurture Faith, Reach out with the love of Christ, Provide Christian Fellowship

Our Passion
Grace Lutheran Church & School is committed to the growth of the Lord's kingdom by developing confident, caring disciples in Jesus Christ and engaging all God's people at Grace in Grace Connections:

People to Christ…through focus on the Word in dynamic, joyful worship of our Lord and in thorough Christian education
People to People…by strengthening the family of Grace through fellowship and compassionate service to others
People to Community…by embracing our community through intentional outreach and active support of human care needs
People to the World…by equipping all of God’s people at Grace to be effective witnesses of Christ while at home or away

Grace Lutheran School is a Great Place to Grow!