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Parent Reviews

Spring 2018

"My daughter has been happy here at Grace.  We love the smaller classes and personal attention that she gets.  We really appreciate that she is also including some faith and value with her studies."


"It is a Jesus centered school.  Allows my daughter to express herself creatively and allows Jesus to be the center of all she does. It’s a safe and loving environment."


"I love the smaller class sizes and the teachers being able to work one on one with my son.  I love that faith can be talked about in the class, he can be taught about religion.  The student body is a group of good kids.  I want that."


"Old fashioned education with traditional american views taught with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Loving and family-like environment."


"My son has blossomed in so many ways from attending Grace.  He loves going to school at Grace.  It has “brought him out of his shell”  He is also learning well at Grace  We are pleased with everything so far."


"My daughter loves going to Grace.  She has grown spiritually.  She loves reading the Bible and reads it herself daily.  She adores her teacher, who is awesome.  We attend another Lutheran church but Grace is the best match for her for schooling."


I'm often asked about the decision to have our daughters attend Grace Lutheran. Initially, my wife and I were drawn to the small class sizes. Little did I know that our Grace experience would become so much more. While at Grace, our daughters competed in league-play soccer, volleyball, basketball and crosscountry. I saw their opportunity to bond with peers in the 'team' experience of training, winning and losing as a priceless benefit.
The excitement of attending competitions and cheering on the Rams was an added bonus. 
Academics . . . Yes! A demanding curricula, but teachers delivered necessary assistance in times of need, including extra hours after school. Through their hard work, our daughters qualified to take the ACT college entrance exam as eighth graders, scoring high enough to be rated asImage'college eligible'. Grace's small-school atmosphere fostered strong relationships with teachers, staff, and classmate's parents. And the Oktoberfest celebration is never to be missed!
Our daughters' education became a 'Grace family' experience. 
Dedicated efforts by all at Grace helped our daughters not only to succeed educationally, but also to grow spiritually and socially. Did we make the right decision? For us, completely right!
--Jim and Joanna Johnston, Parents of Students in Class of 2013 and Class of 2015


Christian Education and higher quality curriculum, old fashioned teaching, correct teaching for math. Patience, and understanding from teachers to create wonderful learning environment. 

It is Christ-centered and important to us to center learning around a loving environment. We love the feel of community too. 

We feel it is a good match because of everything, the caring teachers, wonderful community. 

We have been at Grace for 2 years already and love the small class sizes and all day hours. 

We are Lutheran and are members at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Our daughter's Sunday School teacher, Mr. Lindy Carlton is the 4th grade teacher here. We want our daughter educated with Christian values and beliefs. 

Small classes, welcoming community 

We love Grace! 

Our daughter has attended Grace for Kindergarten. The "community" feeling you get from Grace has indeed helped her adjust to Kindergarten. We feel academically and spiritually she has been greatly guided by the faculty and staff at Grace Lutheran. 

We love the learning and spiritual environment at Grace as well as the wonderful teaching staff. 

We love the love and support of the teachers and their interest and well being and personal success for each child. 

We are long-time members of Grace and love the church, school, teachers, and the church and school families. 

Christian school with teachers that care about the students. 

Christian based education and environment. 

For the past year, our son has attended Grace. As his parents, we have seen a remarkable change in all aspects of his life. We fully credit Grace for this. Academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally our son has made huge advancements. We feel Grace Lutheran is an ideal school for him. 

We love the spiritual and academic environment at Grace. Your teachers love them like their own. It is a great place for kids to grow. 

It is home! Loving staff, small class size, good education. 

Small size, individual attention, feeling of Grace family community. 

It is a loving family environment where our son can feel safe. The teacher genuinely cares for the whole student-beyond the academic curriculum. 

Our son is now studying in this school. He loves his principal and his teacher. He likes his classmates and thinks all teachers are kind to him, so he will continue to be there next year. 

Our daughter has attended Grace since P3 during this time she has learned and grown in her love of God. The staff at Grace is caring and loving and appreciates each student as an individual. The atmosphere at Grace is one of a family and I think a better school for my daughter to grow academically and spiritually. 



Each year is better and better. The 2014-2015 school year has been the best! the new principal has done miracles for Grace! Praise God! 

We love Grace, we love the small class sizes. 

Our daughter enjoys her academics, religion, friends, and teachers. 

Our son enjoys the class setting and small size. The teachers and children are a positive influence on him.